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Laser Probes: PIV

Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (3D PIV) is a sophisticated technique to measure the three velocity components of the flow field along a measurement plane defined by a high energy pulsed laser.
The probe is made up by two high speed cameras and a double head pulsed laser, able to grab pictures of small seeding particles with a time delay of a few micro-seconds. All the velocity components of the flow are reconstructed with high spatial resolution, starting from the acquired images and a careful system calibration.
The cameras and the laser are integrated in a compact L-shaped housing mounted on the main traversing system of the wind tunnel. This allows for reduced installation time; furthermore, the system calibration can be performed outside the test section with no incidence on testing time.
The mounting system allows for any orientation of the measurement plane, provided the needed direct optical access of the cameras.

Rear wake: normalized  vertical velocity.

Main Specifications:

Number of Cameras:
Cameras Resolution:
Max Sampling Frequency:
Number of Consecutive Acquisitions:
Laser type:

Laser Energy:

Measurement Area:

Spatial Resolution:
2048x2048 px
7.5 Hz
> 30000
200 mJ
~ 450 x 900 mm
(with 50mm lenses)
> 3.5 mm
Olive oil droplets