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Founded way back in the 30’s, Pininfarina is one of the major providers of design and product and process engineering services in the industrial sector.

More than a million cars have so far been built by Pininfarina. Some have now become cult objects.

Pininfarina Consulting stems from the wish to draw the best benefit from and capitalise this rich array of human and industrial experiences.

Every corporate process can be optimised by applying the concepts of Lean Thinking to improve performance in terms of costs, quality and level of service.

Our mission is to contribute to help companies to improve their competitive capabilities through the management of change, the involvement of persons, and the attainment of measurable results.

Pininfarina Consulting is an international group of professionals whose consultancy services are directly furnished all round the world without the need to call in local unknown quantities or freelance associations.

Pininfarina Consulting has a highly qualified staff whose experience and competence have been acquired in their own company's own production facilities, and in conjunction with the world's leading Tier 1 OEMs.

Pininfarina Consulting operates pragmatically in the exercise of its training and consulting activities: concrete solutions in double-quick time.



Training is a powerful tool for firms set on having qualified and updated personnel ready to meet the new challenges thrown down by the market.

Pininfarina Consulting offers made-to-measure training that serves informative and formative purposes.



You cannot improve things you can't measure.

Our approach comprises the application of tailor-made solutions and the attainment of concrete, measurable results in well-defined time spans with a payback of less than twelve months.

The aim of our consultancy is not just to reduce costs, but also to bring about an improvement of processes that will be sustainable over time by means of the customer's own in-house resources.



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