Restoration of Lancia Aurelia B52 PF 200 | Work in progress Diary

Work in progress Diary

Test drive

The car was tested in its current conditions, with checking for engine, gearbox, differential, steering and braking revealing noises, performances, effectiveness and leakings.

Due to the cool environmental temperature, and slow drive, we didn’t find any significant warnings for water temperature and differential noise. The electric fuel pump seems to provide poor fuel feed to the carburettors; rear brakes are ineffective and 2° and 3° gear also have some synchromesh trouble.

The clutch itself must be renewed.

Electric wirings and harnesses were checked.

The original radio equipment must be repaired.

The instrument panel needs overhaul.



- Preparation of the skid for the bodywork. This is intended for better managing of the bare metal bodywork for sheet metal panel repair, rustproof and full paint process

- Preparation of the skid for the soft top. This special tooling is intended for the complete reworking of the soft top apart from the whole car.

- Skid for the doors


Coachwork dismantling

- Engine hood removal

- Trunk inner carpeting removal

- Trunk lid, sealing surround, license plate light and trim removal

- Front seats removal and inspection. They were re-upholstered in a previous restoration, in original shape but of incorrect material and liners colour (they were dark green). Foams are to be reworked, wooden frame to be refined.