Restoration of Lancia Aurelia B52 PF 200 | History Of The External Color

History of the External Color

Body colour investigation

The car was re-painted in the current silver-grey tone during the last restoration in 1984 (maybe a more recent refresh occurred before the 2005 auction).

Number 12 on the picture "Lacquer Stratification" marks the layer position in lacquer stratification history of the car.


Lacquer stratification

According to the original pictures and to the previous owner records, we supposed the car to be of a different original colour scheme. We knew that a dark tone car was presented at the 1954 Ford Motor Show and the owner from 1968 to 2005 remembers that the car was of a light-tone, probably an ivory white.

We started making several surveys on the car fenders and trunk lid, hood, and doors. The picture shows many layers, over the bare metal, from no.1 (lead-oxide minium red) to late light metallic grey no.12.


Analysis of the stratigraphy

The paintwork was hand sanded until each single colour layer appeared.

All the colour patches are here represented (photo "Analysis of the stratigraphy").


Colour history- general

The body side shows all the colour scheme during the car life.

The three larger patches on the rear fenders show the main colours before the silver paint

The same lacquer stratification appears on all the body components (doors, front and rear bonnet, front and rear fenders). This means that the body is completely original in all its components


Lacquer layers detail


- Body – Bare metal (photo "Lacquer layers detail - body's bare metal)

- Rust prevention - Lead oxide red (photo)


Birth in dark green

- Primer for the green paint (photo)

- Dark metallic green – Original color (photo)

This car was finished in this color for its first unveiling at the Ford Motor Show in 1954 and for the Campione d’Italia concours, in the same year.


Following colours

- Red colour - The car was repainted in red (photo)

- Brown colour - The car was painted in brown (photo)

- Primer for the white-pearly paint (photo)

- White-pearly colour - the car was painted in white again (the owner remembers the car being white from 1968 to 2005) (photo)

- 1st primer for light metallic grey paint (photo)

- 2nd primer for light metallic grey paint (photo)

- Light metallic grey colour (photo)

The car was repainted in grey in 1975 by the owner at that time, he didn’t like it in white.


Current colour (photo)