Restoration of Lancia Aurelia B52 PF 200 | Diary Mid March 2009

Diary Mid March 2009

Car disassembly

Workshop dedicated area (photo 1)


Soft top jigs

The tool jigs have been now implemented with side windows edges. The roof structure has been completely stripped down to the bare metal and wood components (photo 2).


Doors jigs

The doors were secured to the jigs and stripped down (photo 3).



Windshield glass and edge removal operations. Some evidence of the original green paint was found in this area (photo 4).


Front bumpers

Front overrides and surround trim removal (photo 5).


Front bumpers

Front chrome bumper surrounds removal (photo 6 ).


Rear bumpers

Rear bumpers and overrides removal.

Their conditions are worse than the front ones’ (photo 7).



Front and tail lights disassembly operations (photo 8).

The front ones shall be replaced as they are not in good conditions, while their position lamp device is missing. The additional spot lamp will be removed.

Rear lamps need to be repaired, the chrome trim will be reworked to the original shape (with the horizontal baffle joining both sides).



The door pillars were stripped down to bare metal.

All trim components are here shown on the bench (photo 9).



The doors were completely stripped down. Here shown the door handles, sliding glasses mechanisms and interior components (photos 10 and 11).



Complete dashboard stripping and component analysis. All electric wirings were detected and labelled. Radio equipment to be repaired. Clocks shall be overhauled (photos 12 and 13).



The car components on the benches (photo 14).


Soft top

Soft top canvas removal and woodwork stripping down (photo 15).

Original rear window shape research (photo 16).


Front seats

Cushion wood frame basis and elastic stripes replaced. Back parts inspection: the metal spring frame looks in good conditions (photos 17 and 18).


Car body status

The car as per its current status, i.e. ready to be removed from the complete mechanical parts for overhauling and re-work (photo 19).