Restoration of Lancia Aurelia B52 PF 200 | Diary Mid April 2009

Diary Mid April 2009

In-depth analysis on the mechanical components: the engine removal (photo 1)


Engine strip down

The engine was completely stripped down. The sub-components in the aluminium cylinder block and heads are free from corrosion and crackles and show evidence for previous overhauls, even if there is no documentation about the service done in the past on the car (photo 2).


Measures and checking

Cylinder block control for corrosion and cracks.

Measures of crankshaft main and connecting pins, liners bore and pistons diameter for wear or damages. Cylinder liners appears to be deformed on their low diameter (ovalized in longitudinal direction). Crankshaft pins are in good conditions for wear, diameter and ovalization (photo 3).

Piston diameters are still correct in size, but they are badly marked on sides from worn rings and subsequent blow-by (photo 4).


Pistons - rings

Excessive wear in ring grooves caused their failure (here shown are several top compression ring fragments). New pistons and rings will be needed (photo 5).


Connecting rods

Rod main bearings are badly worn (extensive pitting fractures are shown on pushing sides of the shells). New bearings will be special cast in bronze and machined out from original steel shells (photo 6).


Cylinder heads

Cylinder heads will be completely stripped down, studs removed, re-ground faces, overhauled, and rebuild with new valves, springs and guides (photo 7).


Front and Rear axles

The complete unit was dismantled. Suspension arms and hubs stripdown, overhaul and rebuild.

Rubber bushes removed: they are worn and of wrong size. Damper units dismantled, overhaul and rebuild (photos 8 and 9)


Steering box

The complete unit was dismantled, overhauled and rebuild, with bushes renewed (photo 10).


Cooling water radiator

The complete unit was dismantled, upper and lower tanks removed, core checked for leaks and flushed, rebuild. Thermostatic unit for air shield winglets opening tested and renewed.

Additional electric fan in concealed position (behind radiator core in the original fan cowling), thermostatic operated (photo 11).


Additional components without illustrations

After complete dismantling and analysis on the engine, the drivetrain and the other mechanical groups, the following listed components will be renewed or replaced.


  • Timing chain and sprockets
  • Oil pump
  • Water pump
  • Fuel pump, filter and drive rod
  • Engine gasket set
  • Cooling thermostatic device
  • Transmission shaft bearing supports
  • Clutch assembly and thrust bearing
  • 2° gear synchromesh
  • Transmission gear case gaskets
  • Rear suspension arms rubber bushes
  • Drum brakes slave cylinders and friction linings (Ft / Rr)
  • Steering box worm gear, gaskets and bushes renewal