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Alfa Romeo

Almost seventy years of collaboration between Pininfarina and Alfa Romeo.

A collaboration that has quite naturally extended to all the key features of Pininfarina's activities: the construction of one-off specials to the order of individual customers, ad vanced styling research, design and the production of special low-volume models, all in keeping with and sometimes way ahead of the firm's gradual development.

Alfa Romeo was already a marque with a striking image, one that had come of age and trodden the first of its peaks of fame - a hat trick of outright firsts in the old Mille Miglia - when the stripling Pininfarina was given the chance of adding the supercharged 6C 1750 Gran Sport to its sheaf of prestige creations, along with those for Hispano-Suiza, Isotta Fraschini and Lancia.