80 years of design | 1970

1970 - Studies and Researches

In the mid-Seventies, following the Kippur War, the price of oil suddenly shot up and the prospect of a definitive scarcity of fuel loomed threateningly on the horizon. As a result, the issue of aerodynamics was once more at the centre of attention in the world car industry. Thanks to the insight of its young Chairman, Sergio, Pininfarina possessed the instrument to measure scientifically the relationship between cars and their capacity for aerodynamic penetration. It was thus able to offer clients a service which had become a crucial part of the design process.

In the second half of the Seventies, Sergio Pininfarina became more and more convinced of the need to drastically separate the Centro Studi e Ricerche from the industrial part also to give greater visibility to the creative sector, at the same time ensuring the confidentiality appropriate for delicate dealings with an increasingly broad range of demanding international clients. In 1978, in the middle of the worst crisis the car industry had ever suffered, work began on the building of the Pininfarina Studi e Ricerche in Cambiano. Once again going against the trend, the project required hefty investment, not to mention great courage.